Monday, June 4, 2007

Everything should fit...

Three days before we leave and I realize that I have had this nagging doubt about being able to fit everything on the bikes. Last night I convince Ted to come into the garage and pack up some of the bigger things we have to carry like the tent, sleeping bags ,sleeping pads, cooking gear, tools and spare parts. To my great surprise we look like we'll have plenty of room for everything else. It's funny how it's so hard to see that ahead of time. At this point our gear is a pile of stuff on the garage floor. We'll pack up tomorrow after we get the food bought and the clothes washed.

Oh, the Tour of Albuquerque Century ride went fine. We ended up riding about 113 miles in a little under 7 hours. From the ride we learned to put sunscreen on everywhere or you get burned in funny places like the inside of the elbows.

Here are some pictures of the bikes before being loaded.

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