Thursday, June 28, 2007

6/26/07 10:18 PM Wauzeka, WI

We left the park later than I would have liked but we didn't wake up
very early. We rode thru level country before heading into an area
that was much hillier. We went past a number of Amish farms and saw
some horse drawn traffic on our road. The green shirted children
seemed very interested in us and one even chased us. The road we
planned to get us down to the Mississippi River was under road
construction but this time we had no problems passing the asphalt
pavers (same operation as before) and the foreman was very helpful.

It was or very hot day today and we were drinking a lot of water,
about 2 gallons each over the day. After climbing out of the
Mississippi valley on a wrong tum we added some distance to our trip
but gained another memorable descent. Eventually we ended up on a big
bridge crossing the river and we were in Wisconsin.

After grocery shopping at the Piggly Wiggly (new store chain and new
food choices) we headed east on Hwy 60 paralleling The Wisconsin
River. Highways in this state are several notches better than Iowa
simply because they have paved shoulders with some width.

We wanted to cover at least 80 miles today and we did. Usually,
however, a camping place or hotel appears when we need it. Tonite it
didn't as easily. On the advice of the Sheriff we are camping in a
spacious and well mowed city park tonight.

I think we have only 60 miles to cover on our last day.

Ted, on mood swings, and the signs of hapiness:
It's amazing what a granola bar can do to one's outlook on life. After
making a wrong turn, and grinding up a number of hills, I was in a
foul mood. The kind of mood that makes bad vibes you can feel miles
around. When we stopped for a break, I had a granola bar. Suddenly the
sun was happily shining, instead of beating down mercilessly. I was a
little put off by how fast my mood had changed. Soon after, I began
noticing good signs, like trucks on wedges (8%), and squiggly arrows.
There was a fast twisted road leading down to the Mississippi. I think
I hit 50 at least. Coupled with steep turns, that was the most fun
I've ever had breaking the speed limit.

Now, bed.

distance today: 86 miles
Total mileage: (Ted's odometer broke and I don't want to do the math now)

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