Monday, June 11, 2007

6/11/07 7:36 PM Elkhart, Kansas

We rolled out of Clayton, NM this morning after taking full advantage
of the breakfast buffet at the hotel. We had a great tailwind that
pushed us to Boise City, Oklahoma at 20 to 25 mph. After an easy 45
miles we hit a south wind that wasn't much help. We left Boise City on
a much busier highway and we had to be vigilant of large trucks. We
may find a better road tomorrow that will give us a tailwind and lose
the trucks. At this point we are headed north and east so we can pick
the direction that favors us with an easy ride.

The country we one passing thru is sparse. We went thru only 2 towns
today in a whole day of riding. There is always a farm house in sight,
but very few people around. Our goal was Kansas and we made it at
around 4 pm. We pulled into Elkhart, right on the state line and
followed the signs for camping. Now we have our tens pitched amongst
the RVs. We have trees and water a few steps away. The neighbor is a
nice man who likes to talk a little but not too much. The wind has
eased and it is not a problem with the cookstove. There is a wifi
signal coming from Some where and I thank that person who has not
secured their connection from strangers like me! Ted has cooked corn
chowder and mixed in cheese. He tells me to come eat so he doesn't
finish it off.

Ted:It is humid now, and I find it strange to be sticky even after
bathing. We came across 2 towns, countless crop fields, and the
horizon is unnervingly flat. ''Toto, I don't think we're in new mexico

Total miles: 420 today: 86 miles in 5 hours and 18 min of riding .

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Laura said...

Way to go!

Things are good here! The food isn't disappearing so fast anymore!