Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mosquero, NM

We rode 80 miles on Saturday and arrived in this town just as a
lightning storm was beginning. As we sat in the lee of the municipal
building a man came over to chat. After a while he asked if we needed
anything. We said that water and a place to put our tent would he
helpful so he offered his old empty ex-gas station as a place out of
the weather. It ended up that the first storm was just a precursor to
the rest,which was very violent with heavy rain. We were thankful to
say the least. It turned out that this man had just moved to town from
Las Vegas,NV and had been here 2 weeks. His wife and 8 young children
were staying in a small house next to the station. They we packed
tightly. They were very generous, helpful and kind and we wish them
the very best.

Yesterdays ride was beautiful and empty. We went thru prairie,
canyons, mesas and buttes. We took a mid -day dip in the Canadien
River that was very nice. It culminated in a huge climb of over 1000
feet that left us back on the prairie. For the for the for 2nd time it
is looking like the Kansas or Texas.

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