Monday, June 18, 2007

6/18/2007 9:00 am Edgar, NE

I awoke in a bed this morning and looked out of the window to very grey and threatening skies. Shortly afterwards the thunder and rain followed. We had already agreed yesterday to take a rest day at John and Lynn's. We have laundry and bike maintenance to do not to mention that we have been riding long distances every day and our bodies could use the rest! I was reminded of this as I just climbed a set of stair and felt my slightly sore and tired legs!

It's good to be inside!

Ted, on houses and motors: the nice thing about living in a house and such is that one has a bed, and blankets to cover you, not to mention easy shelter from the rain. We're staying in the house of a friend's second cousin. It is a working farm, and has lots of...engines. If one goes back about 120 meters, you would find several large V8 engines scattered about. these have, doubtless been used for pumping water onto the fields, as we had seen others like those doing in western Kansas. These engines can be found running 24/7 sometimes muffled, sometimes not, at about 6,000 RPM next to fields. It's not surprising that many of them wear out, and can be found lying around behind silos and such. I also found many other motors, only these are in tractors. the poeple we're staying with have tractors. 7 that run, and one in the process of being restored. These tractors are enormous, and look as if they could pull a mountain. One has a large block of concrete on the front, I'm guessing to keep it from going nose up wheel it's pulling a...dirt ripper thing. Anyways, life is good when you wake up in a bed. Ciao

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