Friday, June 15, 2007

6/15/07 6:21 AM near Ellis. Kansas

We left yesterday morning to a cloudy but calm day. More Kansas
wheatfields. We stopped in the town of Ness City for lunch and
shopping. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The insurance agent
offered us his office for a bathroom, water and a weather check on his
computer. The auto parts store folks are very helpful in finding us
washers, wire and small amounts of wd40.

We finished the day in short showers of rain, sometimes heavy, but it
wasn't cold. We are now staying at Cedar Bluffs State Park. The irony
is that the cedars are now underwater and now there are cottonwoods
planted on the shores of the lake.

Our neighbor is a young man from the Tyrol region of Austria named
Simeon. Coming from the mountains he wanted to come to somewhere very
flat and open. He flew into Dodge City and wants to hike the banks of
the Smoky River here in Kansas. I don't think it is what he expected.
He is visiting a place that few Europeans see however.

It is foggy this morning but looks to be clear above.

Mileage today: 85 miles in 5 hour and 51 minutes

Total: 640 miles

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