Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6/19/07 7:56 PM Beatrice, Nebraska

After a leisurely departure from Edgar we launched in to a moderate
direct headwind as we rode steadily eastward. We were able to do only
about ten to fourteen mph on the level. Most of our ride was quite
level with occasional small dips for stream crossings. We had a late
lunch in Daykin and another large snack in Plymouth before pulling
into Riverside Park, a beautiful and spacious city park in Beatrice.
Many of the towns we have ridden though welcome camping in the parks
and offer water and electricity as this one does. It's green and still
humid here. After the rain yesterday it cooled down and got slightly
less humid. In the evening (now) it has cooled off nicely.

It looks as if we will probably only make it to Nebraska City (on the
Iowa border) tomorrow night. At this point we on, or ahead, of
schedule to be at my brother's house in 8 days. We are still enjoying
the timeless and carefree life that riding or bike across the country
can enable. We feel very fortunate.

Ted, on wind and picinic tables: I feel very pleased right now. While
it was a fairly boring day, and the headwind was a bugger, we just
rode, and made decent mileage. Once you get over the headwind, it was
easy. At the moment we're sitting on a picinic table, with our stuff
all set out, and no shirts on, cooling off nicely. The fireflies have
just come out.

Mileage today: 69.4 miles 5 hr 45 min
Total: 933 miles


Laura said...

You guys are beautiful. What an amazing journey, and we armchair bicyclists get to live it vicariously through your posts!

Many thanks, and keep on biking-- unmotorized of course!

I guess if you wanted to become motorcyclists the first thing to do would be to get tattoos of "MOM" on your biceps.

The Mom Lady

Thrawst said...

Hey Mr. Wright and Ted!!!! Hope you guys are having an amazing trip and seeing tons of cool stuff. Please be safe and have a wonderful time! All the best, Kelly, Brie, Sarah Hart and Brynne