Friday, June 22, 2007

6/21/07 9:58 PM Stanton, Iowa

After resting in Shenandoah we continued down the road on seldom
traveled paved county highways. It seemed that we went either downhill
or uphill -- few to no flat parts. The day was cloudier and it cooled
off somewhat as the day got later. Still, it was nice to roll into
camp and shower off the salt deposits and sunscreen.

It turns at that we camped in the wrong spot. This site has
electricity and we didn't pay for it. Of course we don't use any
either and the camp is almost empty but the ranger was undeterred for
a minute or so. When we promised to he gone 1st thing in the morning
he relented. Being bike riders who look tired has some advantages.
Iowa seems to have nice parks if this place is any indication of the
others. We are camped on the side of a nice lake and the shower are
clean and warm. I seem to be regressing to the point where the only
things that really matter are food quantity, wind direction and shower

Ted, on bug spray, and hills:
Today's riding was some of the most tiring we've ever done. But once
you get over it, like evreything else, it's fine. Apparently the
Misourri River was miles wide at one time, due to glacier melt off. We
spent most of the day riding out of the river banks. Speaking of
banks, the lakeside campsite we have has no mosquitoes...bwuh? Seems
like they sprayed the whole lake. It is very nice not to have to use
bug spray. The fireflies are sparkling, so that's my cue...g'night

Mileage today: 72 miles


Laura said...

Way to go! I'm wondering if you'll ever sit around the house again, or if you'll live on your bikes forever! (Just when there are chores, right?)

The Mom Lady

Shalali said...

I wanted you to know that we have been following along on your journey. Some of the kids from the Wednesday Teen Group are keeping track too. We are so impressed with your trip. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.