Sunday, June 10, 2007

6/10/07 10:15 PM Clayton, NM

After several hard days of riding we decided that a hotel room with
beds and a hot tub would be nice so here we are at the Days Inn with a
good Internet connection. I wrote the earlier posts but we have been
in the boonies for the last several days without a way to upload them.
I'm using a very small PDA and can't figure a way around the line
breaks. Sorry for the awkward look to the recent posts.

We left Mosquero early and enjoyed the cool riding. We soon descended
the big escarpment we worked so hard to get up the day before but it
was much more fun going down. Our riding today headed us straight east
and north on very long straight roads thru incredible emptiness. We
saw only several cars on one 48 mile stretch. The terrain was rolling
and devoid of trees. There was a lot of yucca, grass and birds. We
also saw a lot of interesting things on the road like many antelope, a
terantula, lots of beetles, snakes and a kitten. We found the kitten
in the middle of the road about 2 hours south of here. There was
nothing but grassland all around us so it must have been dropped
there. It was very young, probably only a week or so old and it had
been abraded somehow around the face. It looked like it would need a
lot of care. We offered it water and couldn't bear moving it off of
the road for the preditors so I put it in my front handlebar bag and
brought it to Clayton. I'm not sure what we were planning to do with
it but I have a very soft spot for cats and thought it was worth a
try. We struck out here finding anyone that would take it so we gave
it to a police officer who compassionately said he would take care of
it with his sidearm.

Total mileage today: 90

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Laura said...

Way to go, guys! All's well back at home! The house is large with just Tristan and me to rather quietly co-exist!
Every happiness to you.
The Mom Lady!