Friday, June 15, 2007

6/13/07 6:26 PM Kalvesta, KS

After grocery shopping in Garden City we headed east on Highway 156.
The Wind still was blowing from the southeast and we had a bit of a
headwind. We had been riding for about an hour and a half when the
skies began to grow very dark. Within a short period of time we were
taking shelter beneath a large bridge and the thunder and lightning
and rain were heavy. After waiting out the storm for maybe 45 minutes
we decided we would ride in the light rain to Kyveston, maybe 20 miles
down the road. As we were moving our bikes onto the road a man stopped
and offered us or ride. We hesitated, saying we were just going to
Kalvesta and he said he lived there and knew there was nothing
there. Even not a church? Well yes he said, you could stay there.
Besides, this rain is supposed to he heavy until the morning. At that
point we gave up our stubborn pride and began to be practical. We took
the ride. While we were driving he offered to feed us and lien said
that the entire 2nd floor of his house was empty and we could sleep
there. Now we are full, dry, warm and spread out in a 2nd floor room
listening to the rain pounding on the roof.

Kalvesta has 3 houses, a church, an implement dealer and a coop grain
elevator and gas station. Our host is an electrician and he is working
on building ethanol plants. He says he has at least 10 years of work
just in this area. He moved here recently from Colorado and bought
this comfortable house and 3 and a half acres of land for $70,000. I
didn't know that was still possible.

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