Sunday, June 17, 2007

6/16/07 11:27 PM

The highlights today, as we rode east along US Highway 24 towards our
destination of Glen Elder State Park, were small towns, lush foliage,
friendy people and a large ball of twine.

Many of these towns are paved with bricks and have very active and
tight knit communities. They are very inviting places. At the grocery
store in Osborne almost everyone stopped and asked us about what we
were doing. The whole staff and some customers came out to watch us
pack our food into our bags. They were curious how and what we
carried. We also came upon the world's largest ball of sissal twine in
the town of Cawker City. We had a fine time talking with the 2 nice
ladies who were acting as caretakers to the ball. They even got a roll
out for Ted so he could add some more string to the ball. He never
asked for it, they just gave it to him and told him to tie it on some
where and start walking. One of the women had done a whole series of
famous replica paintings (Mona Lisa, Worhol, Dali, Rockwell, Kahlo,
Van Gogh, etc.) with hulls of twine included somewhere in the picture.
They are hanging in many of the shop windows of town. Very bizarre
but a must see if you ever go to Cawker City.

We somehow lost track of time today hanging out in parks, libraries,
and eating. We rode only 5 and a half hours but by the time we got to
our campsite the sun was on it's way down at 9 pm. After tea, showers
and dinner we find it late.

Ted, on motorcycles and yogurt:
I have been eating enormous amounts of yogurt and other things of that
genre (like cottage cheese). Just today, I have eaten a litre
container of yogurt, 3 cup size yogurts, and a tub of cottage cheese,
yet I still find myself wondering if they have any yogurt in the bait
shop. Another thing I have noticed is that the consumption of yogurt
seems to attract motorcycles. The more yogurt like substance I
consume, the more motorcycles pass by! Today at a small park outside a
town, there I was, just finishing off my last cup of yogurt after 2
cups of the stuff, and a quart of cottage cheese. When what seemed
like all the Harleys in Kansas passed on the highway. For most of
them, I think it was an alternate life as motorcycle guy, as most of
them were over 50, and overweight. Some whooped and waved, while
others sinply scowled at the weirdos without engines. All in all, I
like this part of Kansas, with all the small towns, tight communities,
and twangy midwest accents. However, it is late, andi must sleep.
TTFN, tata for now!

Mileage today: 74 miles in 5 hr 30 min
Total: 785 miles

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Steve, Tere, Vanessa & Alex said...

Hi Andy and Ted,

We are enjoying your travelogue. What an adventure (sense the envy)! Can't wait to see you in WI. Good tailwinds and travel safe!


Steven, Tere, Vanessa and Alex