Thursday, June 21, 2007

6/20/07 8:33 PM Nebraska City, NE

I'm sitting on the banks of the Missouri River looking at Iowa about
200 yards away with a full, full stomach.

Today was another good day of traveling. We left Beatrice with cool
temps and light winds. Eventually it got pretty warm and the light
breezes turned into moderate tailwinds. The land turned quite hilly
and we used all 27 gear combinations in the process of climbing at 7
mph and flying down hill at 35 mph. After a leisurely lunch at the
county courthouse lawn in Tecumseh we rolled north towards Nebraska
City. At some point between lunch and here we passed our 1000 mile
mark since leaving Albuquerque. Coming into town we ate at an all you
can eat buffet then rolled into camp along the river at the north end
of town. After showering we were treated to fresh fried catfish by our
neighbors, unfortunately we were so full we could hardly eat any more.

Ted, on happiness and all you can eat buffets:

Ahh, the glorious all
you can eat buffet, invented by man, for hungry cyclysts. At least,
that's what it seems like to me. After riding our (2 to the power of
10)th mile, we were pooped. When we reached Nebraska City, we thought
we'd hit the campsite, set up camp, have our usual dinner of fish and
noodles, and sleep. But soon our plans were inturrepted by the sight
of an all you can eat buffet. All previuos thoughts of having canned
salmon were shattered by this glorious beacon of unmatched culinary
perfection. Needless to say, we ate there and left with the
comfortable feeling of at least 4 generously loaded plates of Italian
food (each) in our almost too full bellies.
Having finished my rant about the holy status of an all you can eat
buffet, it's time to go on to a much deeper topic. The feeling one
gets from having ridden over 2 weeks isn't one you get often. Having
your whole life on your bikes, being able to stop and talk to all the
people in all the little towns. Do that thing you've always wanted to,
because if you don't you may never get to it. Live the life you've

Today's mileage: 79 miles in 5:45
Total mileage: 1012 miles

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