Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ted writing:

Spiders are amazing. Each night we've been in northern Kansas, they've
prepped our camp for Halloween. They have woven webs all over our
stuff, the tables, and US! It's creepy and cool at the same time.
Because they're spiders, it's creepy, but they catch all the ticks
and mosquitos, it's cool. they're fast, too. I found a spider web
between my arm and my body while I was eating breakfast. It had a few
gnats in it already. It was cool.

in fact, they wove a web between my ankles as I was


Laura said...

Hi Guys,

Wowsers. You two are moving right along. All's well on the home front. Tristan and I share jokes and laughter, when the chores aren't too heavy!

Food stays around a long time without you two to gobble it up.

Safe travels,
The Mom Lady

Katie said...

Wow, what an exciting adventure you two have embarked upon! My Andy is looking quite envious as he reads your updates and looks at the pictures you have posted. We will be checking in often to see how you are progressing. Be safe and have fun!

Katie, Andy, Asa, and Alta

Katie said...

Happy Father's Day Andy!

K and Ax3