Sunday, June 10, 2007

6/7/07 addendum

Since todays post was done over the telephone with Laura I thought
that we would add to it.


First tube change. We are well into the middle of nowhere, after
passing through Stanley, NM and onto a dirt road called 20B. Dad's
front tire has been leaking steadily since the Sandias, and despite
our efforts to patch it, it still leaks. "wow" we marvel "we're out
here for like, 30 minutes and not a single car passes" I love it. We
are in esscence or nowhere...

Oh yeah, we've lost sight of the Sandias.

A few hours later: we're in a canyon now. Fantastic time coming down.
But now dad has gotten anotherr flat on his front tire, and this time,
we broke a tire iron on it...A metal one too. I'll upload this as soon
as we find a wireless network.


We left the Dalys' with another tailwind and quickly covered 20 miles
to Stanley. NM. Once past Stanley we started riding on dirt roads.
Some were in excellent shape but others were soft or washboardy. The
bikes and riders were okay but I wouldn't want to do it for much
longer. We saw only 2 cars during the 40 miles we traveled. The
terrain was rolling with pinyon, junipers and some ponderosa pine --
all very beautiful. We finally hit the pavement again (ahhh.. ) just
outside of Villanueva. The descent into the Pecos valley, where the
village sits, was very, very steep -- about 500 feet or more down.
With the bikes as heavy as they were we used the brakes heavily. Now
we are camped amidst tall canyon walls on the banks of the Pecos River
at a State Park called Villanueva. After showers and food we feel

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