Sunday, June 10, 2007

6/9/07 6:03 AM

Ted awoke yesterday morning feeling sick for some reason. After a few
hours he felt better so we got a late and lazy start to the day. After
a ride up the Pecos River Valley, which has a very colonial Spanish
look and feel, we crossed part of the Rocky Mountains that we forgot
about (now it really is all downhill)! We were able to follow a
frontage road all of the way along I-25 into Las Vegas, NM.

In Las Vegas we found a hike shop that also sold furniture and were
able to buy a thorn proof tube for my front fire, 2 water bottle cages
(that broke on the dirt roads) and a little helmet mirror. With a
loaded bike it's hard to look behind so the minor is nice. We bought
groceries, loaded up with water and took off to the east into las
vegas (the plains in (the plains in Spanish). We had the distinct
feeling that we we headed into a sea of grass that went as far as we
could see in all directions. There are very few people out here and
not much traffic. At about 7:30 we came across a sheltered wooded
section that we were able to find a nice spot to spend the night in.
We covered 61 miles. As I write this the sun is just rising.

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