Monday, June 25, 2007

6/24/07 10:06 PM Tama County, Iowa

We gladly left Adventureland and guessed our way towards another 25
mile section of abandoned railway. We really love those trails and
this one didn't let us down. We desert boys were loving the green
tunnels we rode through and large rivers we crossed. After a grocery
stop and lunch in the small town of Baxter we proceeded to "up (north)
and over (east)" our way through sometimes flat and sometimes hilly
cornfield/soybeanfield/cowpasture central Iowa.

We normally find a wifi hotspot at any library, open or closed but we
struck out twice today so we missed posting. We'll surely hit one
tomorrow as we are probably going through more towns with libraries.
Sometimes we get lucky and we pick up signals on sidestreets when we
pull off on to rest or eat but I would rather be legit and use a
signal meant for the public.

With only a few days left before I need to be at my brother's house I
want to he sure that we get there on time. It's hard to judge
distances since we don't travel in a straight line but I'm pretty sure
that we'll arrive on Wednesday. To do this we plan to ride so miles
and then find a place to stay. Today I couldn't figure out where we
would stay as we rode past a nice hotel at 70 miles but, as it always
seems to happen, we saw a sign to or county park in 5 miles. Knowing
nothing about the place we were very pleasantly surprised to find it
to be absolutely lovely. We are in a quiet wooded private campsite
surrounded by thick forest. There is only one other group here and
they are out of sight and hearing for us. We are very happy still.

Ted, on RVs, and chipmunks:
The RV, the motor home, house trailer, whatever you call it, they're
the biggest thing on the roads. These massive behemoths sometimes
measure up to semi-trucks, and are almost always bigger than busses.
I've often thought about living in one, but then I see the price. I
did meet one man who lived in his gargantuan trailer, his comment was
''I live very comfortably in there. It's better than a pre-fab, and
cheaper, too!''. I have been 'camping' among these metal titans for
too long, so now is a nice change. We're camped in a woodsy area with
lots of wildlife nearby. Chipmunks are the most common, but there are
some deer roaming about. I've seen both kneeling on a deer trail
leading out of our camp. It was very peaceful, and I was just waching
all the world go by. Happiness.

Mileage today: 79 miles in 5.9 hours
Total: 1311 miles

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