Wednesday, May 30, 2007

T minus one week

Our arbitrary departure date is June 6th, one week from today. Since I will be gone for a month and a half (after I reach Wisconsin I will be traveling without the bike) I have been putting a lot of energy into making sure I have my affairs straight before I leave. If I forget anything there is always the cell phone!

Last minute things include:

  • lok-tight on all of the little screws holding on the bike racks and bottle holders
  • taking all four wheels to the bike shop to get them trued
  • purchasing extra spokes, a few tools and one spare tire
  • picking the brain of the bike shop owner at the Cycle Cave for anything I forgot (like spokes)
  • riding the 100 mile ride in the Albuquerque Century this Saturday
  • replacing a questionable front pannier rack with a more reliable one
  • checking to see if the multi fuel cook stove really does work on unleaded gas
  • contacting a few folks on the way that we might stay with through a bike touring network
  • ordering a few extra pairs of shorts and shirts online
  • telling people about this blog

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